Hello! This website was created as a helpful and user friendly resource for new and experienced Roblox traders. We strive to create the best trading environment for everyone and to make trading easier and possible for everyone. RBXVault has multiple helpful and user friendly resources within the site to grand you, the user an amazing trading time. So what are you waiting for? Go trade more!


Here at RBXVault, we want to make sure that the item data is as accurate as possible. That’s why we have multiple value changers that update values on the daily. Any changes in items data will be updated as quickly as possible on our site.


The assets tab is where every asset on the site is shown. Browsing the assets tab, you can find an items RAP, Value and Demand. If you can’t seem to find an asset on the assets page, there is a search bar where you can find the asset. You can also find users by navigating to the search bar on the assets tab and typing “!{username}”.

Calculator and Deals Tab

The RBXVault Calculator and Deals tabs are both very helpful and important resources for your succession on trading in Roblox. Not only can they help you decide if a trade is perfect or not, they can also help you find the best items for the cheapest prices. The RBXVault Calculator uses the values found on the website to accurately give the user a total value on the items they input into it. This feature is helpful because it can give the total value of the items the user is looking to trade or receiving in a trade. All that the user has to do is type in the asset acronyms that they want the values of and put a “+” in between each item. The RBXVault Deals tab is another very important resource in Roblox trading. The RBXVault Deals tab uses the price in robux of items based on the Roblox catalog and the items RAP to calculate the percentage of deal you are getting for the item. The items can be color coded by pressing the “Show Color Codes” in the top right of the site. The items can also be sorted out into “Best Deal”, “Highest RAP”, and “Lowest RAP”. This is useful because if there is a good deal, the user could end up saving their Robux for that item. For example, if an item has a deal of 30%, this means that the item is 30% off and the user can buy the item for 30% of what the item is or was worth. The Deals tab can save you thousands of Robux and on top of that, you get the hats you want. The RBXVault Calculator and Deals tabs are amazing resources and will definitely help you in Roblox trading.

Additional Information

If you eyes hurt, you can navigate to the button next to your username that is shaped like a moon and it will put the site into night mode. Night mode is an amazing perk to have and it really helps prevent eye strain. If you have any questions or complaints, please join our discord server and DM either MrBeefus or Svensson. We are active 24/7 and are always ready to help. Oh and also, if you are interested in Roblox guides like "the best roblox horror games" then check out this guide.


If you click the “discord” tab on RBXVault, it will take you to an invite to our official discord. In the discord you may find many more useful resources such as a Roblox catalog item notifier, a marketplace where you may display miscellaneous things that you are selling or trading, a trade-advertisements chat where you can advertise your trades and a trade-chat where you can make trades in real time with other Roblox traders that are in the Discord.

Slogan & Origin

Our slogan “What are you waiting for, Go trade some more!” is used not only as just a catchy, rhymey jingle, but it is also used to define that you don’t have any limitations to trading. With RBXVault on your side, you don’t have to wait for anything, you can just get out there and make some trades.