Roblox Trading Tips

Introduction to Trading

In Roblox, users can trade valuable items referred to as “Limiteds”. It is an amazing platform to trade on. There are so many resources out there and, on top of that, it’s a great deal of fun. These Roblox trading tips are useful for beginners and advanced traders and will definitely help you in trading, no matter how much experience you have.

What is the Difference Between RAP and Value?

In Roblox, there are two types of traders; the ones that trade using RAP and the ones that trade using Value. Recent Average Price, more commonly known as “RAP”, is based off the average selling price of an item, whereas value is what an item is actually worth in trades. Usually, people sell items for fewer Robux than the item’s value because they’d rather take a loss than downgrade their items and sell them off individually. Always keep in mind that RAP and value are constantly fluctuating so be careful when making trades.

What is Demand?

You can look at demand like you would in real life. Demand is determined by how much people want a particular item, or how often an item is overpaid for in trades. Lower demand items are harder to trade and the trades for them are going to be worse because these items are not desired and people are not willing to pay extra for them. Unlike this, high demand items are sought after and desired so people will overpay and send amazing trades for them.

Demand is also determined by fluctuations in the value of different items. An item with high demand will continuously go up in value over time, whereas an item with low demand will gradually go down in value over time. It is always good to have high demand items. When you have these items, it makes it a lot easier to receive trades from others and to have trades get accepted. Many Roblox trading tips revolve around an item's demand.

What is Overpay and Underpay?

In Roblox, you may receive and send three different types of trades; equal trades, underpays, or overpays. In an equal trade, the items values and or RAP are the same. If you underpay in a trade, it means the person you are trading with is overpaying. An underpay is when you send or receive a trade where you are gaining more value than you are giving. This would mean that the other person you are trading with is overpaying you in value. These types of trades are usually determined by the item’s demand.

Upgrading / Downgrading

In Roblox trading, you might hear the words “downgrading” or “upgrading” many times and think, what does that mean exactly? It is a very simple concept to grasp. Upgrading is when a user is trying to trade more items for fewer items. Downgrading is the exact opposite. For example, if someone sends 4 items in return for 1 item, they are upgrading and the person on the other side of the trade would be downgrading. Some traders prefer quantity over quality and some prefer quality over quantity. Downgrading and Upgrading can also help make more trades. If someone can get their hands on multiple smaller value but high demand items, they are more likely to make more trades for those items and will receive highball trades for the items, gaining them profit from downgrading.

Determining a Good Trade

Now that you have learned all of these useful trading tips, it’s time for you to determine what makes a good and bad trade. Start by checking the RAP or Value of both sides of the trade, depending on which you trad. Next, check if any of the items on either side of the trade have a high or low demand. If items on the other trader’s side are high demand, try to overpay as least as possible, or vice versa. This is one of the Roblox trading tips that will help you to make a bigger profit.

Example (Pop Quiz)

If someone sends you their Valkyrie helm for your Classic ROBLOX Fedora, would you decline or accept? If you said accept then you’re correct. The Valkyrie not only has a higher demand but also a higher value. If you said decline then you need to keep in mind that a higher value is good and higher demand is also very good. The higher the demand, the more the value will continue to go up.


Many people believe that negotiating means that only you benefit from the offer. This is simply not true. You should always aim for a “win-win” situation while trading. Negotiation isn’t a battle, it’s a method of getting what you want. You should never aim to rush the process, this crafts distrust. This form of negotiation is slow but, you will get what you want. You must aim to get your partner’s complete and full, utter attention while trading, they could have more offers and traders aren’t known for being patient.

How to Deal With Scammers

Whether you’re a new or experienced trader, you’re bound to see a scammer. They are annoying but everyone has to deal with them at one point or another. Scammers will basically try to trick you into giving them personal information so that they can steal your items or Robux. Smart traders will know when someone is trying to scam them and back off immediately. If you feel uncomfortable trading with anyone, or if anyone is being too pushy while trading, the best thing to do is just walk away. Don’t try to fight it or talk to them, just walk away.


Q: What do I do if I receive a trade with both sides of the trade having the same value and demand?

A: Well, in a rare case like this, you’d look into the RAP. The RAP might not be as accurate as the item’s actual value but it does still define the item. It’s like a last resort in these cases.

Q: What if someone sends me a higher value but lower demand item for a higher demand but lower value item?

A: This is known as overpaying, which is talked about above. If you’re trying to get more value, this is a good thing but if you’re trying to get higher demand items, then counter or decline the trade.


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