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About the Calculator

The RBXVault Calculator is a helpful tool that will ensure you get the best trades on Roblox. Not only does it calculate the exact value of items for you based on the site, it can also help you get the best possible trades. It uses the values of items from the site to give an accurate total of all the items you put into it.

How it works & How to use

All you have to do is put the item acronyms into the text bar with a “+” in between each acronym. For example, if I wanted to calculate the value of the “Beast Mode” and the “Yum!”, I would input “BM+Yum”. The Calculator has a lot of uses from finding the value of a trade to just finding the value of an item easily. It is great for finding checking the values of an incoming trade and checking the values of a trade you’re about to put out. So what are you waiting for? Go trade more!